How to Repair Damaged Chimneys

Chimneys should be cleaned and maintained as they may get damaged with use over a period of time because dirt and dust accumulates inside them. It is always best to get in touch with professional chimney cleaners who will clean the chimneys so that you can stay away from all kinds of risks like leaks or damages. Although it may be expensive on homeowner’s part, it ensures completely safety of the family members. Though professional chimney cleaning is essential at least once in a year, preliminary care can be taken by home owners themselves. Read on to know how you should clean and repair chimney.

  • Check every area near the chimneyChimney cleaning is extremely important to keep the house safe and secure. Make it a point to check every corner around the chimney so that you can get rid of dirt easily. If there is water infiltration in the inner part of the chimney, then it is quite possible to find stained bricks or loose drywall. It is advisable to check out if there is some crack on the chimney cap.


  • Consider if there is any damage in the mortar –You should check if there is any problem in the mortar since it may get damaged due to moisture. Also, check the flashing in order to find out if it is loose so that you can secure it properly. If there is some kind of damage in the mortar, then you will require protective eye-wear, chisel, hammer, caulk application gun and caulking compound. You may use a chisel and hammer to remove the damaged parts of mortar. Replace the damaged mortar with a new one by using a trowel to apply it.
  • See if there is crack in the cap – It is important to check if there is some kind of crack in the chimney cap. In case there is any, you may remove and replace chimney cap. Use waterproofing agent to coat top part of chimney cap. You may even take a copper cap that fits perfectly on the present cap and cover the exposed surface.
  • See if the chimney has been installed properly – If the chimney has not been installed properly, then it may damage not only your property but also the individuals living in the house. It is important to get a chimney repaired in case of damages and get it re-installed in case of faulty installations to get rid of the dangers associated with such conditions. Make it a point to inspect the chimney regularly so that you can secure you as well as your family member’s life.

It is advisable to clean the chimney from time to time so that it remains in a good condition for a long time. In case there is some damage, make sure you repair it at the earliest possible. This will enable you to live life in a safe and secured atmosphere without any potential danger of house fires.


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