Essential Steps to Hire the Right Chimney Sweep

For a search on Google, “Things to know, when hiring a Chimney Sweep”, the Search Engine will generate uncountable references. However, the Search Engine cannot always filter you the right kind of references or the correct company for your need. To do this, you will need to have a proper lookout of the company and various services they offer, followed by a proper judge of what the firm actually has to offer. The process entails careful consideration of facts, and a proper research on the company, before you hand over the project to anyone.

Proof of Certification

A certification through a training standard across the country is meant to build well qualified chimney janitor, who can provide you with a host of services. This is related to the proper use, repair, maintenance of the chimney, together with the fireplace, chimney, stove and appliances together with the venting systems. A written proof of certification for the individual company will help you perform the work at your home at your convenience. Many a times, firms only have certification for their owners and the workers in the field are not certified. Check for this too.

National Board Membership

The chimney sweep you hire must be a member of the National Certification Board. Though the membership isn’t an official certification, the members imbibe a certain level of dedication and professionalism from any chimney technician. Members of the National Board are always updated on the cutting edge technologies for masonry repair and sweeping.

Verifiable References

Get names and phone numbers of the most potent firms in the area. Next, contact them with a courteous and quick enquiry about the satisfaction level with the contractor which you are looking to achieve. The reference if generated from the neighborhood town or general area will of course prove to be better. In case the contractor refuses to do so, switch to another sweep.

Insurance Coverage Terms

Ask the company for full insurance coverage, against any damage that may occur to your home or to any worker who enters your home. Full insurance must be guaranteed for all these people, and the policy must be specific in their terms. It is very unlikely for you to worry about insurance, and if the contractor does not have coverage or gets injured and damaged the job the liability in this case, will be completely yours.

Identity and Uniform

Ask anyone who identifies themselves as a contractor for proper identification. Reputable companies provide ID badges for all their employees and they will have marked vehicles and uniforms for all their jobs. Strangers arriving at your door, looking to solicit for your company necessarily need to be avoided.

Professional Attitude

The company you choose must be courteous and value your needs. They should be able to answer almost any question you ask them about chimneys and address all your concerns. They must be dressed presentably; preferably in a company marked uniform. Above all, there must be proper clean up at your home after the job is done.

A chimney sweep is meant not only to clean your home, but also leave the surrounding in the best of situations after the job is done. Do not accept a littered surrounding post cleaning. Ensure that the chimney sweep leaves your home professionally sanitized.


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