Are You about to Install a Chimney Cap? Here are the Pros and Cons

Chimney cap is a covering for the top of your chimney, which mostly includes a wire mesh. Installing a chimney cap makes great sense, when you go on to look at its benefits. There are though, numerous issues to having a chimney cap installed. But like every other thing, even a Chimney cap comes with its own drawbacks.

Let us take a look at the PROS of having a chimney cap:-

  • The Chimney Cap prevents water from entering into the chimney. Moisture can enter the flue every time it rains, in the absence of a chimney cap. This causes water to get inside the house or attic through the brickwork. Moisture can bring heavy damage to the ceilings and wall of the house.
  • Chimney caps can stop all downdrafts from entering into the house. They will lead to your room being filled with smoke. Mainly if the area is windy, the chimney cap can prove to be really beneficial in helping make the homes more energy efficient. Cold blasts can be prevented by means of a chimney cap.
  • Wire mesh on any chimney cap also proves to be chimney deflectors, and can be extremely important in dry areas.
  • When mesh netting is installed with a cap, animals can be easily prevented from entering the chimney. Birds are drawn to this warmth provided by the chimney. In fact birds even start building nests in uncapped chimneys. This will lead to serious obstruction issues. Uncovered chimneys which have snakes, squirrels and raccoons can otherwise get trapped in these chimneys, creating an awful ruckus. The corpse of such an animal can even carry numerous viruses, if trapped inside, which can prove to be detrimental to one’s health.

Now, let us take a count the CONS of having a chimney cap installed in your home:-

  • Openings in chimney caps are sometimes very small, leading to the opening being clogged in creosote (the buildup caused by wood smoke), and not only clogs the flue lining but also the mesh. If the screen is obstructed, the oxygen required for the fire is cut off making the fire difficult to light and it won’t just burn properly.
  • Soot can even jam the mesh in the chimney cap.
  • When paper is burned in the fireplace, ash might accumulate and get trapped in the cap.
  • After high winds, leaves and debris can even stifle the chimney.
  • If you are burning paper in the fireplace, it could lead to accumulation of ash which can get trapped in the net causing blockage.
  • At times of heavy winter storms, snow and ice can build up around this mesh preventing air from flowing satisfactorily.
  • Roof and chimney discoloration in the surrounding brick and stucco could also change colors in case there is an accumulation of soot and creosote.

The professional cleaning ceremony by licensed, certified chimney sweeps can help you sort out all issues in regards to chimney cleaning. Fix a certain time for annual inspections and get the chimneys cleaned frequently so that they function properly.


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