Why Stainless Steel Chimney Liners Are the Best

You wonder why install a chimney liner, when you already own a natural-looking and masonry-built traditional fireplace. Open-hearth fireplaces made of stones and bricks, provide easy and unpretentious impression. However, they are subjective to many frightful hazards, which should be taken care of in appropriate time. The flue of a chimney becomes vulnerable to the heavy weight of stones or bricks and as a result the entire structure becomes unstable.


Chimney liners are installed inside a chimney to protect it from disastrous crackling and to protect your home from severe fire accidents. Chimney liners are available in the market made of wide-ranging materials like clay, cement, aluminium and stainless steel. Stainless steel liner is a round and elongated tubular pipe running down the flue of the chimney. It possesses all the necessary strengthening essentials.

 Protection against Creosote

  • The flue of a traditional fireplace is bare to combustion fluid, as no liner is fitted within to protect it.
  • The fluid known as creosote, easily mixes with the binder material at the mortar joints and disrupts the integrity of the components.
  • If the saturation level of the creosote reaches an excessive level, the chimney may itself catch fire.
  • Installing a stainless steel chimney liner will protect the flue against such unsafe creosote deposit.

 Balancing the Heat Transfer

  • Without liners, apart from combustion fluid the chimneys are also defenceless against rapid heat transfer.
  • The excessive heat can easily pass through chimney walls and reach to combustible components.
  • A stainless steel liner with proper insulation will control the movement of draft and assure a stable flow of heat and proper combustions of fuels.

Free of Cracks and Splits

  • Many houses have chimney made of clay tiles. They are inexpensive and fit quite well inside open fireplaces.
  • But clay tiles are ceramic products, which are inefficient in absorbing and distributing heat in a balanced manner.
  • This imbalance in heat transfer will eventually crumble down the clay liner as the tiles will begin to crack and split.
  • Stainless steel liners allow combustion products to flawlessly vent out through the flue. It also regulates proper draft, thus assuring no stance of any damage caused due to undesirable cracks and slits.

Made of stainless steel, the chimney liners become free of corrosion. This reduces the requirement of frequent repair and cleaning and the stainless steel liners go completely easy on your maintenance budget. The thought of deposition of combustion fuels on the liner may bother you. But stainless steel liners are round, long, tubular and metallic which makes them easier to clean for prolonged usage.


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