Signs Showing It’s Time to Clean Dryer Vent

Imagine waking up one morning to a burning house! Later on the insurance company informs you, all this is the fault of your clothes dryer. Had it been taken care of in time, there would not have been a fire. In fact more than 15500 US home fires were started in 2010.

Build up of lint and other debris in the dryer hose and vent duct reduces air flow, backing up exhaust gases eventually causing a fire. These hazards, however, can be prevented by proper inspection of the dryer vent. So how do you check if the vent has turned into some sort of a “heat bomb”? Read on to find your answers.


Longer drying time

After a dryer vent is clogged, the drying time can increase up to three times. If that is the case, even clothes will not dry on time. Dryers are designed to push out moist air, but if the vent is itself blocked by lint it will not be possible for it to dry the clothes. Consequently it will take double time to do the job, thereby endangering the lifespan of your machine.


Excessive heat radiation

Do you often find your clothing very hot after the end of a cycle in the dryer? Or do you see your dryer turning too hot? These are signs of the vent not being exhausted properly. A clogged system will only lead to wastage of energy, eventually leading to a dryer to wear out even faster.

Burning smell effusion

Does your dryer give out a burning smell when you run it? In fact if there is a build of lint in the exhaust tube, lint trap or even in the drum casing can together make way for the flames to rise, emitting the burning smell. Discontinue the use of the dryer and have it inspected as soon as possible.


Trouble with vent hood

Can you see debris or lint accumulated around the dryer hose or the outside vent opening? Is the duct hood flap not opening the way you want it to? An outside vent which does not open up when the dryer is running signifies air flow restriction due to lint buildup.

Time elapsed since last dryer vent cleaning

Dryer vent ducts need to be inspected and cleaned at least once a year. Cleaning dryer vents reduce the risk of fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. The charges usually depend on the location and length of the vent. If the exterior exhaust vent is easily accessible, you can try cleaning it by means of a brush kit too.

So, if you have never thought of changing your dryer vents, its time you think now. Just cleaning the screen alone is never enough, with every load one also has to clean up the actual vent. If you don’t want your household to reduce to ashes, do check for the above signs of threat.


The process of Chimney Cleaning in Toronto – Keep it free from dirt and dust

Chimney cleaning is an essential service for all homes across Canada. These services are offered by reputable companies that have experienced and professional cleaners with adequate technical expertise. Although it can be quite expensive to hire a professional, you will be able to use the fireplace in a safe and secured way by cleaning your chimney at periodic intervals. However, you can clean chimney yourself provided you follow some tips that will make the work easier.

Essential things needed to clean a chimney

• You will require a rod and correct size brush for cleaning every part of the chimney. The brushes are available in different sizes of 4, 6, 8 and 10 inches and should move both in the upward and downward directions to make cleaning process easier.

• You need a ladder to reach at the top and clean your chimney. You may also require another ladder for attaching ridge hook to it.

• You will require cloth for putting it on the floor around the fireplace to keep the place clean while you service your chimney.

• You may also need a vacuum cleaner for removing dirt and dust particles from the chimney.

About chimney cleaning

Chimneys require regular upkeep and maintenance, whether you do that on your own or hire professional services for the same is your choice. Even if you undertake cleaning of your chimney on a regular basis, hiring professional cleaning services is advisable.

A professional cleaner will start with proper inspection to assess its condition and find out if there are necessary repairs that need to be done. After the inspection has been done, the cleaner will begin with chimney cleaning. He will lay out protectors for the floor around fireplace so that the floors are not damaged. If there is no liner system, then the professional may use necessary tools for cleaning the system.

When you should plan for inspection of your chimney

If you have purchased a new chimney, conducting proper inspection will prevent you from any risk associated with this new appliance. If you find sudden problems, it is always best to take professional help for resolving the issues. Also timely assessments are essential to identify potential dangers.

When you should clean your chimney

Often, it is seen that when you decide to take help of a chimney cleaning professional in Toronto they offer you with cleaning process at a budget-friendly rate. Although the inspection may not be needed all the time, it is essential to clean your chimney and stay away from any kind of potential danger that can lead to unprecedented accidents and house fires. It is advisable to clean the chimney at least once in a year to keep you home and family safe.

So, whether you are planning to clean your chimney or conduct thorough inspection, make sure you get it done at the right time and keep your family members secured from unavoidable circumstances.

How to Repair Damaged Chimneys

Chimneys should be cleaned and maintained as they may get damaged with use over a period of time because dirt and dust accumulates inside them. It is always best to get in touch with professional chimney cleaners who will clean the chimneys so that you can stay away from all kinds of risks like leaks or damages. Although it may be expensive on homeowner’s part, it ensures completely safety of the family members. Though professional chimney cleaning is essential at least once in a year, preliminary care can be taken by home owners themselves. Read on to know how you should clean and repair chimney.

  • Check every area near the chimneyChimney cleaning is extremely important to keep the house safe and secure. Make it a point to check every corner around the chimney so that you can get rid of dirt easily. If there is water infiltration in the inner part of the chimney, then it is quite possible to find stained bricks or loose drywall. It is advisable to check out if there is some crack on the chimney cap.


  • Consider if there is any damage in the mortar –You should check if there is any problem in the mortar since it may get damaged due to moisture. Also, check the flashing in order to find out if it is loose so that you can secure it properly. If there is some kind of damage in the mortar, then you will require protective eye-wear, chisel, hammer, caulk application gun and caulking compound. You may use a chisel and hammer to remove the damaged parts of mortar. Replace the damaged mortar with a new one by using a trowel to apply it.
  • See if there is crack in the cap – It is important to check if there is some kind of crack in the chimney cap. In case there is any, you may remove and replace chimney cap. Use waterproofing agent to coat top part of chimney cap. You may even take a copper cap that fits perfectly on the present cap and cover the exposed surface.
  • See if the chimney has been installed properly – If the chimney has not been installed properly, then it may damage not only your property but also the individuals living in the house. It is important to get a chimney repaired in case of damages and get it re-installed in case of faulty installations to get rid of the dangers associated with such conditions. Make it a point to inspect the chimney regularly so that you can secure you as well as your family member’s life.

It is advisable to clean the chimney from time to time so that it remains in a good condition for a long time. In case there is some damage, make sure you repair it at the earliest possible. This will enable you to live life in a safe and secured atmosphere without any potential danger of house fires.